Threads: Does Your Business Need It?

Threads is the newest social media platform to debut, thanks to Instagram (and Facebook and Meta). As the social giant’s own version of Twitter the platform aims to act similarly without some of the sanctions Elon Musk has imposed upon Twitter as of late. But does your business need it (yet)?

Let’s review a few things:

  1. Connections to Instagram: you sign in via your Instagram account and have the same handle. If you want a different handle (or username) you have to change it in Instagram.
  2. There is currently no way to delete your Threads account. once you have it (but there will be). Adam Mosseri (mosseri on Threads) who is head of Instagram had a lot of questions on this an offered the below clarification: “You can deactivate your Threads account, which hides your Threads profile and content, you can set your profile to private, and you can delete individual Threads posts – all without deleting your Instagram account. Threads is powered by Instagram, so right now it’s just one account, but we’re looking into a way to delete your Threads account separately.”
  3. There is an algorithm. Similar to the other social media platforms, who you engage with will determine who shows up in your feed.
  4. No hashtags. There are (currently) no hashtags or DMs but they are apparently coming soon.
  5. Need a personal AND a business account? You’ll have to log out of your first one before opening a new one from another Instagram account.
  6. No advertising (yet). As they are still getting this app up and running and adding more features each day Mosseri noted advertising was not the top priority but that the feature is on its way.

That said, is it right for your business? Not every social media platform is right for every business. And without a way for your brand to target your ideal demographics it may not be worth spending the time/energy and resources to building your brand on this platform…yet. Let the Nikes and Cokes of the world have at it for now and get your plan in place before becoming a part of the conversation.

Still want to explore it for yourself? Download in the iTunes App Store here or in the Google Play Store for Android.