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Download the guidebook and attend a live webinar with PR Pro Kendra Riley to learn how to create your own media list, write your own press releases, get media requests, create your annual PR plan and receive 10+ FREE templates.

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Kendra Riley, the Founder of Dawning Public Relations, has seen one too many non-profits and small business owners fail to receive the press and recognition they deserve because they simply can't afford a PR agency.

With two decades of experience helping hundreds of businesses herself, Kendra has created a guidebook and LIVE webinar to walk you through the following and start landing your own press - for FREE!

Key Messaging

Press Releases

PR Plan

Media List


Check List

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What you'll get:

  • 12-page Guidebook
  • Live webinar and Q&A with Kendra
  • 10+ templates to use for media outreach
  • Targeted media list with emails
  • Annual PR Plan

Extra Resources

Need more help beyond the guidebook? Work with Kendra 1-on-1 to further expand your presence in the marketplace.

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One-on-Ones with Kendra

Held via zoom, or in-person, these one-on-one sessions with Kendra can dial in on the areas where you need a little extra help or insight.

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A deep dive for an entire day with Kendra and former FOX 10 reporter Kristy Seifkin, where they help create your PR plan, a media list (including publicly unlisted reporters) and provide live media training.

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Custom Media Lists

Get a media list customized for your business, including unlisted reporter emails that are only available to established PR firms. These can include specific reporters in local, regional or national press, as well as trade publications.

"Advertising is what you pay for.
Publicity is what you pray for."