ENTRE Institute Helping to Build Global Economy Amidst Civil Unrest in Ethiopia

After being forced to leave the country early after civil war erupted in Ethiopia earlier this month, the team from ENTRE Institute – the leading online school for aspiring entrepreneurs – is back in the States. But not before spending time scouting a location for a business community center and teaching residents in the third world country how to set up and run a business of their own.

The trip was headed by Joe Shurtz, ENTRE Institute’s Chief Experience Officer who is based out of Gilbert, Arizona. Shurtz and his team worked with Hope Rising to build a for-profit business campus and bring 10 “Rachel” servers in backpacks that allow residents to develop their entrepreneurial skill set to create a thriving economy where there currently isn’t one.

Each Rachel backpack allows the holder internet access at designated “gathering places” throughout the country and will include a variety of educational resources that will allow them to learn how to become a leader, have counseling, build a business entirely online and much more.

During the trip, Shurtz scouted locations where a new ENTRE business campus could be set up, met with government officials and had a number of college graduates complete a course on entrepreneurial skill sets. “This was an incredible week where we met and worked with some inspiring future entrepreneurs. We started the process of developing a new business campus that will allow residents from Ethiopia to work with our ENTRE team teaching them how to set up their own companies and run a business,” said Shurtz. “With these Rachel servers in-hand, they will be able to learn marketable skills, insight and knowledge that will allow them to build an online business from scratch and become a part of the global economy.”

Experts on the ground with Shurtz included, Hope Rising Chairwoman Shantell Carr of Gilbert and Dr. Lynn Curtis who worked with residents on literacy and language skills.

While Ethiopia is ENTRE’s first out-of-country location, both Kenya and Nairobi have also expressed interest in ENTRE building site locations to further their own economies.

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